"Flexibility to Pursue Your Passion"

As an independent study option, Mt. Everest Academy is able to offer more flexibility to our students and families than many traditional schools. Flexibility means different things to different people. Since there are some limitations, please read below what is offered at Mt. Everest Academy.

3 facesSemesters: Mt. Everest Academy follows a typical semester format with a full load of courses assigned for the entire semester. The school is closed during the summer. Student assignments are divided into monthly periods. The greatest opportunity for flexibility is that student work may be completed any time within the monthly attendance windows. Student work may also be submitted any time on or before the due date listed for each month. State law requires that late work cannot earn attendance credit.

Assignments described on the syllabi are designed by teachers to meet State Standards and District Course of Study expectations using approved curriculum. Teachers often offer flexibility by creating choices and options for projects and other assignments. See teachers in advance when an assignment clarification is needed or adjustment is desired.

Attendance at school activities on a daily basis is not required however there are many valuable classes and other activities offered on campus. Secondary Study Group participation each week is expected and elementary activities are strongly recommended as a way to receive extra instruction, reminders, enrichment, social interaction, and feedback. Additionally, regular communication with the supervising teacher is required. Students with scheduling conflicts or individual needs are expected to communicate directly with teachers or counselor to resolve conflicts. Testing and presentations are required on a regular basis for most secondary courses. See teachers to clarify scheduling and enjoy the limited time on campus.

Communication with teachers is very flexible and important and may happen through phone, email, mail, fax, Study Groups, or conferences. Communication is critical for success in independent study, especially if a student encounters scheduling conflicts.

Schedule and program changes for secondary students are often possible and can be discussed with the counselor up until the seventh week of each semester.

All course tests and district tests will be administered on campus. Each teacher offers a specific testing schedule with choices to accommodate student needs.

Traveling students are not left behind. We allow traveling students to continue learning district adopted curricula while on the road.

See your supervising teacher, subject teacher, or counselor to discuss your needs for flexibility. We will be happy to work with you to take advantage of the flexibility that is possible in independent study.

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