Student Dress Code

Mt. Everest Academy Dress Code

Students are expected to use good judgment, safety, good taste, and modesty regarding their dress and grooming. Any clothing that is potentially disruptive to the educational process is inappropriate for school. Students are expected to cover shoulders, backs, and stomachs, and to keep their pants pulled up. Clothing should:

  • be clean and in good repair with no holes, or split-seam pants, shorts, cuffs, and no transparent fabrics;
  • be free of any advertisement or promotion of any alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, profanity, gambling, violence, or sexual innuendo;
  • be free of any depictions/illustrations that demeans or negatively represents any gender, race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability or sexual orientation;
  • fit neatly at the waist without "sagging," showing underwear or having an excessively tight fit;
  • appropriately cover the body, which means:
  • no bare midriffs or backs (no skin may show between the shirt and pants, shorts or skirt)
  • no halter tops, strapless, or tube tops even if the top is covered with a jacket, sweater, or shirt
  • no low cut shirts or dresses showing excessive cleavage
  • no muscle shirts,
  • no spaghetti straps (straps must be at least 1 inch wide),
  • no short shorts,
  • no pajamas (except on a designated spirit day)
  • no high side seam cut shorts/skirts.
  • not be perceived as having a gang affiliation, including bandanas, doo rags, dangling belts, wallet chains, shoes or shoe lace color/style worn specifically to identify with a street gang, and insignia belts/buckles.

Bedroom slippers are not allowed. Shoes should cover the foot to enable students to walk safely.

Please note that the wearing of gang-related attire, or other attire considered disruptive to the learning environment, is NOT protected under the first amendment.

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