5th gr. P.E.

5th Grade P.E. Assignments

  • Have your child complete one of the following assignments each month, along with his/her P.E. Reflection.
  • Choose a different assignment to complete each month.
  • You do not have to complete all of the assignments, just choose one from below for each month.
  • Make sure to label the assignment in the upper right-hand corner with Physical Education, name, and date completed.

Assignment Topic


What to Turn In

Body Systems

Health and Fitness
Chapter 1, A Growing and Changing Body

Activity Book pgs 1, 2, 3, 5

Healthy Eating

Health and Fitness
Chapter 3, Foods for Good Nutrition
(Please note that the Food Guide Pyramid is no longer recommended. See www.choosemyplate.gov for the most up-to-date dietary recommendations.)

Activity Book pgs. 11-15

Staying Active

Health and Fitness
Chapter 4, Keeping Fit and Active

Activity Book pgs. 16-20

Ball Skills

Complete Lesson Plan:
Target Practice
Grade 5 Warm Up & Cool Down Exercises

Target Game (design your own target game)
(in packet)

Healthy Eating

Complete Lesson Plan:
Protecting the Quality of Food

Protecting the quality of food worksheet
(in packet)

Healthy Eating

Complete Lesson Plan:
Protecting Your Food

Food preservation
(in packet)

Staying Active

Complete Lesson Plan:
My Wellness Chart
Grade 5 Warm Up & Cool Down Exercises

Your wellness chart(in packet)


National Dance Week-Foxtrot Lessons
Complete all or some of the activities listed in the lesson plans.

Research Project
(found at the end of the lesson)

Eating Healthy

Keep a food and drink log for three full days.
Complete the second page reflection about things you noticed about your eating habits.

Daily Food Log


Choose a physical skill to self-assess.

Fifth grade skills include the following:

balance, jumping rope (long rope held by others),

Frisbee (hitting a target, throwing backhanded),

jumping (for height/distance),

dance moves,

racket ball/paddle ball (forehanded, backhanded),

soccer (kicking, defensive dribbling, trapping, making goals),

football/basketball (throwing & catching while avoiding opponent),

basketball (defensive dribbling),

volleyball (volleying a ball underhand, serving overhand),

baseball (fielding a ground ball, batting),

football (punting)

One Page Skill Assessment

Ball Skills

Read the following article:
Three Phases of Shooting a Soccer Ball
Write a summary of the article in your own words.

Written summary

Healthy Eating

Serving Up MyPlate: A Yummy Curriculum
First Course:
We Are What We Eat
Complete reproducible worksheets in unit.

MyPlate, MySelf
(in packet)

Healthy Eating

Serving Up MyPlate: A Yummy Curriculum
Second Course:
Know Your Nutrients
Write your own nutrient inspired poem.

Power Poem

Healthy Eating

Serving Up MyPlate: A Yummy Curriculum
Third Course:
Decisions, Decisions!
Complete reproducible worksheets in unit.

Nutrition Label Comparison
(in packet)

Staying Active

Family Fitness Goals
Work with your family to develop some fitness goals together.

Setting Specific Family Fitness Goals


Basketball Study Guide & Worksheet
Read about the rules and strategies of basketball.
When ready, test yourself on your knowledge by completing the Basketball Worksheet.

Basketball Worksheet (in packet)


Identify the sport that each sentence is describing.

Identifying Unusual Sports

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